//5 Effective Tips On How To Make A Woman Squirt

5 Effective Tips On How To Make A Woman Squirt

Dubbed as the holy grail of women’s pleasure, squirting has been a hot topic in sexuality.  It’s a simple technique which allows your woman to push her libido fluids out. They oftentimes feel that urge to squirt but they are actually holding it back. Why? Women feel the same sensation when they need to pee every time the fluid starts to build up. To do it right, follow these tips;

 Tip #1 – Set the mood.

Remove all possible distraction from her mind. Make her focus on what you’ll do with her tonight. If possible, light up scented candles to induce relaxation. It will bring her to heightened arousal as well. Avoid hash lighting. Go for soft and gentle lighting such as low-light lamps and flickering candles.

 Tip #2 – Determine which position suits her best.

Whether you like to begin stimulating her vagina and clitoris or just preparing for your foreplay, it’s essential to know which position she’s comfortable with.

 If you’d like to get a full access on her G-spot and clitoris, try this:

  • Let her lie in comfort on her back.
  • After that, help her spread her lovely legs either with it flat against your bed or bent at her knee.
  • Finally, make sure to put a pillow right under her buttocks. With that, her pelvis will tilt slightly, helping you perform clitoral and vaginal stimulation during intercourse, foreplay and stimulation.

Another tip: The inverted Spiderman technique may also do the trick. Place her near the edge of your bed and let her head hang off on its edge. By doing so, you can freely hit your woman’s G-spot

Tip #3 – Foreplay is your friend.

Good foreplay techniques can help you get her into the proper mood. Typically, this technique takes around 30 to 40 minutes. You can try:

  • Offer her a relaxing yet sensual massage.
  • Whisper seductively sweet nothings.
  • Find her erogenous part etc.

Keep this in mind — if you can’t tell what she wants and don’t want, or you can’t read her physical signals, squirting won’t occur. You need to break down the walls in your relationship beforehand and establish trust on each other.

 Tip #4 – Use lubes and sex toys.

Fortunately, there is plethora of lubes and sex toys available these days, which are specifically tailored for female ejaculation and G-spot stimulation. Just be careful when using lube since she may complain about urgent urination. It is definitely okay. Assure her that there’s nothing to worry about.

 Tip #5 – Make the experience unforgettable.

The rule of thumb here is not focus on bringing her to climax and making her squirt. It is not about the entire experience after all. It’s about the pleasure she will feel and treasure for the rest of her life.

There you have it – five ways to give her a mind-blowing orgasm effortlessly. If you can make your woman squirt, it’s a clear indication that you are doing the right thing.  Get hang of these tricks and make your partner beg for more on your next sexy time.

Above all, say hi to more intense lovemaking sessions.



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