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Sam Matekane Biography: Net Worth And Age

Sam Matekane Biography: Net Worth And Age
Sam Matekane Biography: Net Worth And Age
November 04, 2022

In this article, we will discuss about Sam Matekane's Biography, Real Age And His Net Worth.

Who Is Sam Matekane?

he is the chairman and founder of Matekane Group of Companies located in lesotho, he was born in the year 1958, Thaba-Tseka district in a village of Mantšonyane.  he has come to now being known as the 'CEO of Lesotho' and he was also referred to as Lesotho’s strongest competitor in the business world.

Sam Matekane's Biography

Name: Sam Matekane
Occupation: CEO
Born: 15 March, 1958 (64 years old)
Net Worth: USD $10 billion
Height: 1.68m
State Of Origin: Thaba-Tseka, Lesotho.

Sam Matekane, who is vying to become the next Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Lesotho under his newly formed Revolution for Prosperity party, has spent decades and a great deal of his personal fortune improving the welfare of over a tenth of the entire Lesotho population.

Born right at the heart of the kingdom, he has overcome his humble beginnings to become one of the continent’s most accomplished leaders, honored with a 2022 Lifetime Achievement Award by the African Business Leadership Awards (ABLA).

When Forbes named him the Best of Africa, recognising him as the 2021 Entrepreneur of the Year, they confirmed what thousands of Basotho already knew of Sam Matekane – the business magnate who has leveraged his personal fortune to positively impact over 10% of the entire Lesotho population through a range of philanthropic endeavours. He is undoubtedly amongst the best African leaders of his generation. Named as the recipient of the 2022 Lifetime Achievement Award by African Business Leadership Awards (ABLA), Sam Matekane, Group Chairman of the Matekane Group of Companies (MGC) is a man who has served his community, his nation and his continent well.

Sam Matekane is an action-oriented man, incapable of sitting out a crisis whether it is business-related or pertains to national interest. He is a formidable problem-solver who is undaunted and decisive in committing personal resources to addressing the plight of the vulnerable or promoting the welfare of the nation. He was instrumental in Lesotho’s Covid-19 response, creating a fund and pouring in millions to secure vaccines, testing kits, constructing dedicated Covid-19 hospital wings and equipping various health facilities for a more robust response.

Now vying to become the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Lesotho, Sam Matekane, will be driven by his commitment to promoting the greater good as he enters the political and governance arena.

Sam Matekane Net Worth

he is the richest lesotho citizen with an estimate net worth of $10 billion. he is a remakeable person and also a CEO and founder of Matekane Group of Companies, the company that worth billions of dollars. Sam source of wealth is from the business he founded.

Sam Matekane Age

he was born on 15th Of March, 1958, in Thaba-Tseka district, a village of Mantsonyane which is located in southeast of the capital Maseru, Lesotho. he is 64 years old.

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