//Woman-On-Top Sex – 7 Tips To Enjoy It More

Woman-On-Top Sex – 7 Tips To Enjoy It More

Top sex position can give a woman an entirely different experience of lovemaking and connection with her man and herself. Being on top can be very exciting and an amazing experience if you allow yourself to fully drop into the feeling, love yourself and be seen fully by your man.

But many girls out there feel pressure to be on top of a man. It has to do with self acceptance and confidence. Furthermore, learning how to be on top of the man will help you to learn how to get on top in every part of your life.

Here the seven tips for women to learn how to ride a guy during an on top sex;

Love Yourself

The more you love yourself, the more relaxed and natural you will be on top of your man. One way to get there is by standing in front of a mirror, naked or in a bikini. Look into your own eyes and talk to yourself about how proud and comfortable you are with your physical and emotional appearance.

Build Your Sexual Confidence

Being sexually confident is one of the sexiest traits a woman can have. To get sexually more confident, you have to get to know your sexual self by pleasuring yourself in front of a mirror, masturbating with your imagination, making a list of your boundaries and communicating with your partner, which leads to the next tip.


This might be the most boring piece of advice, but it’s also the most important aspect of healthy and happy sex life. So, talk with each other, ask what you like when you’re on top and share with your partner what makes you insecure. Open communication opens the heart and it feels awesome to make love with an open heart.

Learn Sensual Movement

It’s so important to learn how to move your body sensually. Stand at home and move your hips, because the magic of top sex position is in your hips. The more you move your hips, the more freely your sense of energy will flow.

Find A Rhythm Together

You have to create a symphony together by moving into a harmonious rhythm. Don’t grind on him when he thrusts you at the same time. In order for the two of you to enjoy this position more, sexual chemistry or rhythm will have to come into play. You have to sync with each other.

Make Eye To Eye Contact

For some, eye contact is intimidating because the eyes are the portal to our soul, our heart and our true self. To connect intimately with your partner as you ride on top of him, try to look into his eyes with an open gaze.

Take Care Of Your Pleasure

When you’re on top, don’t just try to make him happy, but also take care of your own pleasure. What makes men the most aroused is seeing you aroused. So do what makes you sensually and sexually satisfied.


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