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Amateur porn is one of the best things to happen to those who enjoy attention received via exhibitionism. It’s no secret that exhibitionist like the attention they receive; especially when it comes by them doing something sexually explicit. By allowing people to upload their privately made porn movies, adult sites have given these individuals a platform. Via this forum, anyone can showcase whatever attributes, gifts or sexual specialties they have.

Some say that amateur porn, in its own way, has allowed individuals to become porn stars. And in many forms, some have actually gone on to become famous. At least on the internet, to some extent. There are cases where people who made homemade porno films, went on to become internet sensations. Case in point is what happened to the popular and rich reality TV personality Kim Kardashian. While she is not a porn star, she became popular due to her celebrity sex tape. To her credit, Kim managed to use the controversy to make herself one of the richest and most popular reality TV stars ever.

Although not everyone who films a hardcore porno can become a celebrity or rich, a few can earn by it. There are many who have managed to make money off of it. Although adult sites have endless of free pornography, many of them charge for premium material. This includes things such as live cams or private amateur live streams. The latter refers to a person who will have sex in front of the camera for all to see. Or he or she can record their especially-made hardcore porn movies for their followers to view.

Cellular phones and other electronic devices have also played a major role in the rise of amateur pornography. It is relatively easy for anyone to make a high-quality recording of any kind; including a sex act. People all over have been doing that every chance they get. These individuals record others or themselves while having sex. That has led to an explosion of homemade porn unlike anything seen in the past. You also have to take into consideration social media sites. Using a social media site allows people from all over the world to connect with each other. It is through these platforms where they all share any kind of content, including pornography.

In addition to social media, there are now instant messaging apps that let people send sex images, porn GIFS and even porn videos to anyone. The person could be located anywhere in the world. These messaging apps allow someone to share all the content for free. When they are not sharing actual material, individuals exchange links to adult content. Any of these things can result in making an unknown homemade porn video, into one that becomes viral.

As it was, amateur porn was already becoming one of several most popular genres online. Part of that rise came because people wanted realism in their porn material. Unlike professionals, amateur porn participants are mostly in it for the fucking. Porn actors on the other hand, are in it for the money. Additionally, visitors to porn sites also appreciate what amateur porn offers. That is real people like them engaged in sex. Not everyone can relate to an actress in a porn movie who is perfect as far as her body, face and other physical aspects. The same for the male actors found in professional porn films. Homemade porno shows real people – even with flaws – having sex and enjoying it.

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One only has to look at the BBW porn genre to understand this particular point. The big beautiful women category has been gaining tons of attention lately. Not only in porn, but even mainstream TV ads, magazines and movies. Again, this goes back to people being able to relate and connect with the person they are viewing. Pornography has allowed BBW and other chubby girls, to show themselves to others. It accentuates the point of why amateur homemade porno is embraced by so many today. People want realism when it comes to their porno. And amateur porn lets them become stars.